25 July 2018

Welcoming Dave Tan


Thinking about how to introduce Dave Tan got us reminiscing of our time in Bali for UberEats. And while that campaign was canned due to you-know-why, we thought everyone ought to see the fruit of our labour.

As for who is Dave? Well, David (otherwise known as Dave), who did not want to rest on the mundanity of an Economics degree, forged his way to becoming an award winning creative producer. For 20 years in the broadcast industry, he developed strategy and produced content for terrestrial and international cable networks. Running parallel to that, a professional experience in music and film – having released 3 acclaimed studio albums (with Electrico) and an independent full-length pop culture documentary (“Blame it on the Boogie”).

The diverse path of exposure through the myriad of genres and roles over two decades; as a writer, director, producer, editor, presenter and performer, has blessed him with a wealth of perspectives to draw from. Allowing him to form his unique vision, in his passion for directing commercials and content – with a mantra to “Create and entertain. To connect, and affect people. Make them laugh… sometimes cry, but always remember.”