We are Frame By Frame, a distinguished full-serviced production house based in Singapore. If you found us, it means you might be interested in our photography, videography or production services — and by the power of the worldwide web, you’ve come to the right place.

Frame by Frame is home to a team of competent producers who represent a stable of talented photographers, directors and DOPs from various parts of the world. So no matter the campaign, we’re confident of putting together a dream team to bring your creative ideas to fruition.

It’s not simply production. It’s being part of the process of creating something extraordinary.

Let’s work together.

Problem Solver

[prob-luh m]

A thinker who focuses on the problem at hand and tries to synthesise information and knowledge to achieve a solution. Regardless of situation, work or personal, Kel will be there to save the day. His kryptonite, champagne.

Kelvin Lee

The Problem Solver


[muhth -er]

A woman regarded as having the status, function, or authority of a female parent. In this case, to her office children. The balancer of allowances, monitor of attendance and diffuser of sticky situations. She regularly exercises great care and affection to keep them, as well as the household, in order.

(Cleaning, dusting, and washing of underpants not included.)

Priscilla Chan

The Mother



A mover and shaker who will stop at nothing (and we mean nothing – except for a cookie or nuggets or fries… shucks) to put FBF on the map. Your best bet for all marketing efforts and lunchtime companionship.

Denise Chia

The Trailblazer



A precipitant capable of producing change in both this fast-paced world and your rapid beating heart. Null without its peers (and alcohol), the catalyst is quick on its feet and brings out the best in any given situation. Change is not to be feared, except when Xiaolong drinks tequila.

Gabriel Li

The Catalyst



A peaceful individual with patience to ensure that young and old humans are right on schedule and cared for on set. Inclined to organise everything for you, she may be able to help sort out your life down to every staple.

Irni Hamzah

The Babysitter

Our Philosophy

Great campaigns cannot happen without passion, empathy and — above all — commitment, and we demonstrate that by a portfolio that spans over years of experience and all industries.

On assignment, we’ve constructed Hawaiian tiki huts on beaches (DM us for construction rates), replicated a miniature HDB unit, fabricated an entire shop front in a studio, run around in rain and gale force winds trying to protect our equipment in the Philippines and waded through freezing waters in New Zealand.

What can we say? We’re super committed.