18 July 2018

Introducing Brett Danton


It’s old news that Frame by Frame has expanded our expertise into content production. But who do we have that’s worth your penny?

Introducing Brett Danton, born in New Zealand but raised in the UK. And for almost two decades, Brett has been widely recognised as a highly successful commercial photographer and motion director both in the UK and Australia.

As a child he spent a great deal of time in television control rooms, observing his TV presenter parents whilst they reported live on air. This early acquaintance with film and valuable experience on set established his interest in photography and moving image and thus began the start of his industry knowhow at an early age.

Aged 21 Brett moved to Australia where his career quickly took shape, shooting international campaigns for clients including Emirates Airlines, Qantas, Coca-Cola , Electrolux, Canon, BMW, Nick Scali Furnature and Uncle Bens. In early 2014 Brett relocated back to the UK, allowing his European clients closer access to his creative savoir faire.

Artistry sits at the heart of everything Brett does. For him, it’s not just about capturing motion and stills in one shoot. It’s in adding a new dimension to the visual aesthetic to tell a brand’s story in a way that’s truly unmistakable. And possessing the technical know-how to seamlessly bring it all together. He also travels the world lecturing for some of the most respected global creative agencies and photographic brands.