21 July 2017


Uber ANZ

Client : Uber ANZ
Director : Chris Sisarich
Executive Producer : Kelvin Lee
Producer: Wayne Peter Nerva
Production : Frame by Frame Pictures
Production Support (in Sydney) : Film Construction
Post Production : Freeflow Post
Audio Production : Fuse Adventures in Audio

After coming to Kuala Lumpur for his first film shoot with us for The Intercontinental Hotel Group, it was time for Chris Sisarich, our NZ-based photographer, to play host to us on his own continent as we headed Down Under to sunny Sydney for yet another Uber shoot.

There were a few firsts for this shoot:

  • It was the first time Uber was venturing into the realm of comedy. The look and feel of the spot was something Uber had never done before, and we all had no idea how this would fare upon its release.
  • It was our first shoot in Sydney. Kudos to Film Construction, our go-to guys for production support in Sydney and Auckland. They came through wonderfully for us and made our jobs much easier, especially since we’d brought a lean, mean and efficient team; our Producer and Executive Producer had to play Art Department at times!

Of course, the shoot was not without its challenges too:

  • We had to make sure the talents, backdrop, and even the environment (yes, the trees!) were all native to both Australia and New Zealand. One wrongly identified tree could send our street cred falling faster than you can say TIMBER!
  • Post-production was extremely gruelling because we had people working in different parts of the world, in different time zones! For quite a few days, we weren’t sure if it was time to wake up or go to bed, especially when we were holed up in the editing suites!


And the best part of all, we saved till last, of course.


Thanks to an awesome bunch of talents, who gave us an amazing range of expressions and performances to work with (trust us when we say they had us rolling around on the floor in laughter at times), the end product was one that was incredibly well-received in local markets.  But don’t just take our word for it.