16 August 2017

Playing Tourist At Home

Singapore at it's best

Client: Singapore Tourism Board
Agency: TBWA
Photographer: Daniel Swee

It isn’t often that we get the chance to be a tourist in our own country, so when the opportunity presents itself, we jump at it, obviously! This time, we had Daniel Swee behind the camera as he went on a curated journey to capture Singapore at her best for the Singapore Tourism Board’s image library.

Shoot 99 images in a month? Challenge accepted.

Daniel’s research brought him to places both in the city and off the beaten path. From colonial black and white bungalows with nary a high-rise building in sight, to imposing buildings in our urban concrete jungle, he covered them all. Along the way, he had encounters with people from all walks of life, including local entrepreneurs, and even a shop cat in one instance (Zoozoo at Cat Socrates in Joo Chiat)!

His exciting adventures were not without its local history lessons and culturally diverse moments too, as Daniel’s jaunt also took him to three of Singapore’s oldest religious buildings – Masjid Abdul Gafoor (est. 1910), Kampong Kapor Methodist Church (est. 1930), and Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple (est. 1935).

In his own words: “Photographing these buildings was a wonderful process for an architectural photographer like me, as I connected with these architecturally and culturally significant buildings in a personal way.”

All in all, it was an exciting project for Daniel, thanks to the good people at STB and TBWA and after seeing the photos from this architectural adventure; we’re already looking forward to the next!