24 October 2019

2019 Video Trends To Be Taken Into Consideration | Video Production Singapore

Video advertising in Singapore is a constantly evolving niche. Companies who spent millions of dollars in video advertising must be aware of the growing trends and changing consumer behavior in video consumption. Strategies that work last year may not work this year and it is important for companies to research on growing consumer and video trends before investing in video advertising. Similarly, video production companies working as a vendor or partner to its clients must understand the everchanging needs of consumers.

We’ve noticed and compiled the three major changing trends in video advertising in 2019:

#1 – Facebook Live and Silent Videos

In 2019, we are seeing Live videos gaining traction as more people subscribes to and watch live videos. Video creators are starting to go live on the Facebook platform to promote their products or services which have contributed significantly to their revenues. As a business, you might be wondering why people are spending more time on a live video? The answer is the interaction between the creator and the viewer. People like to ask and get responded to fast and there’s no better way to doing this than a live video.

If you’re spending a lot of time editing the audios in your videos, you might want to take a step back. There’s a growing trend in silent videos among Facebook video advertising. People are watching without audio as the environment might prevent them from doing so, say in a library or a commuting train. Instead of audio, try putting in subtitles in your video to drive higher engagement rates.

#2 – Show Instead of Explaining

In most video advertisements today, a lot of companies go through the extra lengths to explain what their product is and how it is beneficial to their customers. This used to work back in 2017 when people are introduced to the concept of video ads on Facebook but with the growing trend in silent videos perhaps it is time to revisit this idea. Rather than an explanation, people are more inclined to watch further if the video is focused on showing the benefits. People love animation. You can incorporate some of these ideas into your video and discuss this with your professional video production company in Singapore.

#3 – VLogging

When people start taking pictures of themselves via the front-facing camera, people poke fun at it. When selfies become more mainstream, suddenly everyone is taking pictures of themselves. In 2019, we realize the growing trend where pictures are no longer sufficient as more people move towards vlogging.

Vlogging is a growing trend as more people record videos of themselves going through experiences or enjoying a product or a service. It presents a unique point of view and allows viewers to immerse themselves in the experience as if they’re doing it themselves. With that said, vlogging is still an arguable topic to decide if that is going to be successful and sustainable, or it will be just another fading trend in 2019.


Companies planning to invest in video advertising must always constantly evolve themselves by researching on proven video concepts. As a servicing partner to a client, video production companies in Singapore must stay ahead of the pack by equipping themselves with the right information on what works and what doesn’t. Video concepts afterall is a cloudy area and there is no right and wrong answer and only by trial and error can we decide if it’s worth the investment.