29 October 2019

What is Brand Video?

Videos have been considered a luxury aspect when it comes to the marketing part of any business. With the recent advancements in technology however, most companies have started to include videos as a major part of their branding journey. Video production has become a vital tool to many businesses and individuals as there are many different publishing platforms. The main purpose most businesses use a video is mainly for their branding content strategy. It has become a great way in communicating with your potential customers or audiences. But this isn’t something that you can just jump right in straight away, as there is a process and strategy involve. This is where most people will either consider doing it themselves or hire a video production company.


If you were aware of the content you have been watching over the year, you will see more and more videos popping up across all platforms like social media. This is because people are general more attracted to watching videos. One of the main reasons why videos are so popular is because it is an easy medium to absorb. It is an activity where there is not much effort needed by the audience and makes it easier for the brain to process. The effort to video production is much more comprehensive to writing an article, however it is much more effective when communicating with the audiences. This is because your audiences will not need to use much energy as watching a video is considered a passive activity.

Videos are unique in a way that it draws your attention fairly easily as we humans are more likely to watch a video than to read an article. It is much less intensive when you are processing visual communication because it is much easier for our brain to process. This means that information is absorbed much more easily and more relaxing.


Another main aspect of videos is that it has a better chance of triggering emotional responses. The type of emotions will be fairly wide from happy to sad, and the reactions can be seen almost immediately. The investment on video production will generally improve the overall emotions towards your brand. Every time your audiences watches your videos, the trust and feelings will definitely improve. This can only bring positive responses towards your brand and even more so with videos. Videos are also considered a good medium of communication for your consumers. If you have created a good video which people can relate to, they will tend to remember the story that you are telling them. You can even find where your specific market is on the vast internet so that you can push your videos to the right audiences.


There are many different types of mediums out there available today where videos are found. Social media being the more popular one today. More and more people are starting to be on their mobile devices and because of today’s technological advancement, they have easier access to watch videos. This means that the main medium any business should look into placing their videos are social media, website, or even a blog. Most people will be on their mobile devices most of the time, for example when commuting they will be on the phone. A quick 10-20 second video can definitely have a great impact on your brand when you place it on the correct medium. Of course, you will need to know who to push these videos to. Most video production companies have a process where it involves the production of the video as well as placement of the videos. So you will always be covered when you are working with the right video production company.