30 May 2018

How Does A Video Production Company Function In Singapore?

When working with any video production company in Singapore, there are certain roles set up for the team, essentially, a hierarchy. A typical video production company in Singapore is well organized and dynamic at the same time. Although each crew member operates differently, there are standards to how the department works. Depending upon the budget and the kind of project, the hierarchy and the roles of the team members might change slightly, or even drastically. For instance, the most common scenario is the DOP (director of photography) serving as a lighting director or camera operator. Of course, this isn’t an ideal situation, but this dynamism helps to a great extent, especially when there are budget problems.

A video production company in Singapore tends to run smoother and quicker as the crew members are extremely flexible when it comes to switching roles and responsibilities. There is also a certain discipline that is maintained when it comes to commercial videography in Singapore. All crew members are adept at fulfilling their responsibilities towards their role.

Let’s take a peek inside a video production company in Singapore.

Now let us understand the roles of the crew members:


When it comes to video production, the producer should be the person you should primarily contact. He or she conducts in-depth meetings with the clients in order to understand their goals and expectations. It’s a producer’s responsibility to assemble the entire production team and make them understand their roles. Typically, the director is at the top of the hierarchy. The majority of the crew members categorically similar. Ultimately, the producer stays present and involved throughout the entire project handling, including preproduction and postproduction.


A director is a person who is most involved in the process of video production on and off of a set. They are of great assistance when it comes to assembling the perfect crew to get the job done. The director is allowed to make adjustments to the script in order to keep the video within the target budget and timeline. The director is the only person who can direct the talent, especially in a Video production house in Singapore. They instruct a majority of tasks, including what they should wear, to even intangible tasks, such as body language, when on set. The director also oversees technical aspects such as the use of lighting, camera position, and just about anything that impacts the final product.

First Assistant Director (1st AD)

The first assistant director is responsible for all of the schedules on the set. He is expected to manage new talent if needed. He’s expected to keep the crews’ schedule running smoothly. The First Assistant Director is also usually assisting the director, and the producer while on set. In certain production companies in Singapore, the 1st AD also helps out the artists with reading out the lines and using the correct props during the shot.

Director of Photography (DOP)

Most people connected to a video production company in Singapore think that the DOP and the cinematographer are two different people, but they are usually the same person. Sometimes, the cinematographer may insist that he may only be addressed as the DOP when handling the camera. Either way, the DOP takes care of the camera as well as the lighting. Sometimes, they may even end up working alongside the lighting director. In such cases, the DOP is also expected to assemble the right equipment to get the task done.

Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)

A DIT is particularly trained to handle a specific camera on set. They are extremely good at manipulating color profiles to execute the desired look. The DIT, who works with a video production house in Singapore, often ends up managing the media and is expected to back up cards. If it’s a Video production company in Singapore, then it mostly allows the cinematographer or the DP to serve as a DIT.

Camera operator
This one isn’t too hard to guess. The one who handles the camera is known as the camera operator. Pretty simple, right? Once the choices have been made with regards to the gear, profile, and exposure, the DP assigns specific movement and framings as per requirement.

First Assistant Camera (1st AC)
The 1st AC who works with a Video production company in Singapore is mainly responsible for focus. Sometimes, the 1st AC may also act as the camera operator, but this is rare. Besides pulling focus, the 1st AC has been given the responsibility of being media ready, getting the batteries charged and even holding the camera in between shots whenever the camera operator requires a break.

Let’s take a quick look at the electrical department.

Lighting Director (LD)

The LD is ideally responsible for coordinating with people to get the desired lighting to carry out the particular look of the video decided on by the DP and the director. The LD works alongside the DP as well as the director to ensure that the lights accomplish the perfect look. The LD uses gaffers, key grips, and also seeks the help of assistants from the production house to place the lights or just about anything that’s needed, to complete the final look.

Key Grip

The key grip is someone who rigs anything that is required to set up the lights in the proper place in a video production house in Singapore. The key grip needs to be well aware of scene blocking so that the gear does not create a distraction. He or she also sets up diffusion, flags, etc.

Audio Technician

Typically, the audio technician deals directly with the DP or the director, or, both at the same time. They record audio, handle monitors, and adjust audio levels as per requirements. Some audio technicians also use a personal assistant to right the audio.

Production Assistant

This is where everyone starts out when they initially enter the video production industry. The PA basically serves as an assistant to everyone on the set. They are expected to get lunch, hold umbrellas, grab gear, or take notes whenever necessary. In some cases, the PA can also get a chance to assist with the lighting or camera department. Although a PA may appear to be at the bottom of the food chain, he or she is extremely useful in maintaining the right schedules on set and helping people get through the day.

This is how a typical Video production company in Singapore operates. Hopefully, this blog was helpful to readers in understanding the different roles that all the crew members play.