Amanda and Audrey

Like any Chinese parent would tell you, two A’s are better than one. Such is the case with Amanda and Audrey.

While the paths that led them to directing couldn’t be more different, it’s their differences that make them a great team. One possesses the technical knowledge, while the other likes creating, editing and telling stories. Amanda loves beauty shots, Audrey loves humour. Unfortunately for their waistlines, they both enjoy food shoots a bit too much.

A+A have directed 7 films together for brands like KitKat, Paramount Properties, Nestle Ice Cream and Uber. When asked why they started directing, their answer was simply that, “The world’s ugly enough. The least we can do is not put more bad ads out there.”

Yup. They’re just two girls, trying to cut it in the reel world. (And yes, Audrey does love her puns).