23 October 2018

Video Production Process in Singapore (Pre-Production Process – Part 1)

When it comes to video production, the most frequently asked question by our clients, in our experience, is usually how long it takes to produce a professional commercial videography in Singapore. There are no concrete answer to this as every client has different project objectives, timeline and budget but generally in our experience this will take some time between 7 – 9 weeks for most of our clients. There is always a general misconception towards video production in Singapore where prospective clients often think it takes a few hours to 3-4 days to shoot minutes worth of commercial grade videos. Here, we wish to correct the misconception and shows just how much work is needed to produce professional commercial videography in Singapore.

We often starts with pre-production stages before shooting the videos. Even in pre-production stage, we divide this into four phases:

1. Brainstorming & Creative Discussion

All video production in Singapore starts with understanding the client’s objective and expectation. This means getting to know the product better, who are the target customers, how the product works and the list of product features. We usually include production decision makers here as to not waste much time during the stage. There is also a creative narrative and bit of story telling we need to discuss with the client. This includes the characters and cast of the videos, story, messages that the video is going to convey and style that should match the client’s branding and presence in the market.

2. Writing a Script

After careful research and brainstorming session with the client, production house in Singapore or production companies in Singapore will then comes up with a script that contains any visual cues and product features or dialogues that are to be featured in the video during the production process. This includes the story plot, video narration, casts, extras that might be needed and booking locations, including licensing, approvals or fees that need to be paid in advance.

3. Creating a Storyboard

Visual storytelling by production companies in Singapore is always easier said than done. It is not an easy task because it involves creating beautiful, engaging visuals that are aligned to the client’s primary goal. Hence it’s the reason why storyboard exist and the importance of it. Together with visual storytelling, it’s often used to screen and shoot videos in advance, especially when there’s a request from the client to go for certain impressions that are in line with their branding goals.

Basically, storyboards are drawings divided by panels to show what the final commercial videography in Singapore would be like. It gives a good idea to anyone who sees it of what the final video shots will be like and are usually used as a measurement of presentations in storytelling. They distinguish the shots, duration, where and angles of which camera to shoot at.

Fortunately, production companies in Singapore are familiar with the process of creating a storyboard. As part of commercial videography in Singapore pre-production process, production house in Singapore will put together storyboards about the company, products and the objective for final vetting that will be an accurate representation of the video that will be shot at the end.

4. Preparation

It’s one step away from the official shooting day! It’s preparation day. During this stage, production house in Singapore or Production companies in Singapore will officiate by booking, scheduling and hiring casts that were planned during the earlier stage. Let’s not forget about purchasing materials or resources too! It can be a lot to handle as there are too many things to be done.

These are basically the steps involved in the pre-production process of commercial videography in Singapore. All this may sound overwhelming at first and seems like a lot of things to do but it’s where production companies in Singapore or production house in Singapore excels, due to years of working experience and network of partners that are available.