Sury Thoeng

Sury is a fashion and beauty commercial photographer obsessed with the colour and natural light, with an eye for shooting stunning images full of contrast and colours. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography, and Bachelor of Media & Communication with honours from RMIT. Growing up, she wanted to become a fashion designer, but canned that dream after realising that despite all her talents, sewing is not one of them.

She wants to live in a world where she could eat all the sinful desserts she wants to without gaining weight, but she’d settle for learning how to ride a bicycle so she could burn off all the excess calories from eating all those delicious food.

Sury was born in Makassar, and spent her childhood between Indonesia and China. She divides her time between Indonesia and Australia, chasing the perfect image wherever it takes her. Having achieved a personal goal of shooting for many prestigious magazines, Sury now has her eye set on ticking more magazines off her photography bucket list.