1 April 2020

We’re Social Distancing, But Not Socially Distant

Production life in the year of Covid-19

With all the real news and fake news going around these days, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share with you the precautions we’re taking, and hopefully allay any fears you may have about your upcoming jobs with us.

• There’s no one at home
Please don’t drop by our office unannounced, because chances are, there’s no one at (our second) home. We’re all about the Zoom life and teleconferencing for now, so see you on the interwebs!

• We’re officially splitting up
We love working closely with each other, but our print and content teams will now be prepping for shoots separately – so you can be assured that there won’t be any cross-contamination.

• But please keep calm and carry on
All PPMs will now be held remotely. Our producers will update you with all necessary details, and everything will proceed as scheduled (unless you’re notified otherwise).

• Maybe we should see other people
On second thoughts, maybe we shouldn’t. Henceforth, only people who are vital to the project will be on set and at all post-production sessions.

• Let’s start on a clean slate
We’ll be arming ourselves with as much hand sanitiser and cleaning products as possible at all shoots to ensure that no one’s health is put at risk. And forgive us if we nag you a little too much about washing your hands and being extra hygienic in a time like this.

• Hot dates won’t be allowed to crash
Temperatures of clients and crew will be taken twice daily and logged for contact tracing purposes. While we understand that some of you are really hot, we really need to play it cool for the time being.

• But backup plans are welcome
We’ve made arrangements for backup/standby crews to jump right in (only in the event that something unexpected crops up), so all shoots should run as planned.

And if you have any other questions about Framebyframe’s Covid-19 measure , feel free to get in touch (virtually only please, because 1m rule) with the producer on your job or drop us an email at contact@framebyframe.com.sg