12 February 2019

Welcoming Geoff Ang

Commercial Photographer

He’s no stranger and we’re glad to have him officially join the Frame by Frame family.

As photographer, Geoff sets a very high bar for himself in perfecting his craft and a standard that all clients have come to appreciate. Geoff’s approach to photography is like art imitating life. He takes life experience and applies it his craft. He clearly loves what he does and loves working with people who share his passion in creating great work and that’s his mantra – to create nothing but great work.

When he is not busy shooting print campaigns around the region, he keeps himself busy shooting personal projects varying from road signs to dark objects to portraits of ethnic groups to lines and signages of airport runways from his window as he’s flying off to a shoot.

Along with his celebrated career as a regional commercial photographer, Geoff is also an established TVC director, a natural diversion for a photographer.