29 June 2017

Taking Radiance To The Next Level

Product Photography with Charles Chua

Client: SKII
Agency: HUGE INC
Director/Photographer: Charles Chua
Producer: Chunyi
Art Department: Janice Koh

Have you ever tried shooting a pearlescent bottle? Well, here’s a pearl of wisdom for you – don’t. You might end up questioning your life, your education, and even your very existence before you get started. But you know we’re not the kind to back down from a tough brief, so of course we met the challenge to shoot SK-II’s award-winning product – GenOptics Aura Essence – head on!

Three days in the studio. Lights swinging overhead from all angles. Numerous pairs of hands holding on to those lights. Hands trying hard to hold the lights still while anticipating the perfect moment for release. All for a six-second cinemagraph. (On hindsight, the way we were swinging the lights around, we could’ve put on some disco music and had a party there and then.)

Kudos to Charles Chua, our experienced and extremely technically skilled photographer, for nailing the shoot, which included a Travel Retail Set and a ‘shelfie’ – although he’s traditionally a stills photographer, he rose to the challenge and made sure the shoot went on without a hitch (or no Panic! at the Disco, in this case).

Charles’ work of art can now be viewed on the SK-II website, Facebook and Instagram pages.