31 October 2017

Picturing the ride that works for you

Getting around and about in the land of smiles

Uber is no stranger to FBF. Having embarked on multiple projects together, we think it’s time to take a trip together and nowhere better than the land of smiles!

Who we kidding! Although it wasn’t for a holiday, it was a project just as exciting. For the first time, our jet-setting Director/Photographer, Chris Sisarich, together with our own regionally renown talent, Kevin Yang, are both together on the same project.

We navigated through the bustling city of Bangkok just like a born and bred local. Once on the ground we went straight to our respective recce, preps and checks. Chris was prowling the equipment houses for his HMI’s, whilst Kevin was sorting out angles and locations for his 1000+ images for Uber’s stock library.

While Chris is no foreigner to Bangkok, his experiences are however always one of a kind. Being the daredevil he is, he’s always keen to try something new and usually, we never tell him what he signed up for. Likewise, working on a shoot in Bangkok is always a thrill. From dealing with the curiosity of onlookers to using a generator truck on set for production support, we always wrap with a story to tell.

As for Kevin, the excitement of shooting in a highly secured area like the airport never gets old. Although he has shot for Changi Airport Group previously, shooting at Suvarnabhumi Airport is a totally different ball game. Being the fourth busiest airport in Asia, traffic control was the biggest but most rewarding challenge we overcame. But that would not have been possible if not for the help of our local production crew who managed to colloquially “shoo” inquisitive passer-bys. Currently, Kevin’s stock library images for Uber have yet to be released to the public.

Though it was a jam-packed work week in party central, Team Chris and Team Kevin still enjoyed themselves, soaking in the opportunity to work alongside with each other and the chance to meet new people in the beautiful city of Bangkok.