25 May 2018

What Goes On In A Production House In Singapore?

While a typical video production house in Singapore may have a slightly different process it follows compared to other countries, depending upon the effort, budget, timeline, style and content, there is generally a basic process that’s followed by all successful video production companies around the world.


  • Video strategy/goals
  • Story selection
  • Script creation
  • Budget/scope
  • Project timeline
  • Location scouting
  • Characters/talent
  • Production team/equipment needs



  • Interview conductions
  • Setting up video/light/sound
  • B-roll capture
  • Voice-Overs



  • Video editing
  • Logging the interviews
  • Producing the final story
  • Supporting graphics
  • Music selection
  • Approvals/reviews
  • Final delivery


Phase 1 – Pre-Production

All of the crew members start preparing and setting the groundwork for the process of creating a successful video. It’s during this phase that a lot of brainstorming takes place between the members, with regard to research, planning, organization, and problem-solving.

To identify all the elements listed in the above list, the crew members of the production house are required to attend a series of meetings. This process is based on the scope of the project, but there are certain basics that help the team get started.

Fact Finding

A meeting is scheduled between the video production team and the company stakeholders to discuss the goals, strategies, purpose of the video, and how it can be used once it’s finalized. This is an important aspect of the process of video making that people who wish to work with a video production company in Singapore should keep in mind. This is the stage, where you will want to communicate with a host of things such as target audience, branding, feel and the tone of the piece.

Pre-production Meeting

This meeting is generally held between the producer of the video and the primary person who is representing the project. This is when the timelines are set, characters are identified and location details are finalized. The meeting is typically conducted on the phone or in person.

Site visit

It is helpful to visit the site of the shoot a few times before the actual shoot begins. Thus, the appointed crew members conduct the site visits depending upon the complexity of the conditions surrounding the location.

Shoot Preparation

Before the on-location shoot kicks off, the producer ensures that the scripts are reviewed, as well as approved. He also makes sure that all of the characters are vetted, interview questions are asked, location is confirmed, and the schedule is finalized. All these details go a long way toward assuring the client that the production house is able to run the business smoothly.

Phase 2 – Production

The production phase is where all the footage and interviews are captured for the video. This is a fun process where the story begins start coming to life. During this phase, all of the raw materials for the video are captured. Any specific ideas, visions or visuals that need to be included in the final product are communicated to the producer. All of which needs to be done before the production phase ends. This phase includes:

  • Setting up of the video equipment/ sound/lighting
  • Recording voiceovers (if any)
  • Conducting interviews
  • Capturing B-Roll


When the external video team is in charge, it is important for the primary point person to be present on location to serve as a conduit between the brand and the video producer.

Phase 3 – Post-Production

Once the production process is finished, the editor and producer start working on the post-production phase. During this phase, the production house starts to plan, organize and edit the actual video. The producer then carefully reviews the entire footage and prepares transcripts of the interviews conducted. Next, the producer assembles the story while the video editor starts bringing all of the pieces together to come up with the perfect final product.

The post-production phase includes:

  • Music selection
  • Video editing
  • Logging of the interviews
  • Production of the final story
  • Approvals and reviews
  • Final delivery


The production house does everything that is needed in order to get the project to come to life. This process may seem lengthy and it may require a lot of creative energy, however, it’s all worth it in the end. A lot of clients start getting impatient at this stage, but this is exactly the phase when they should be taking it easy if they are expecting a great final product.

Each production house has different timelines assigned for the post-production phase. However, typically for a production house in Singapore, it takes just about 6-8 weeks to get the job done unless there is some other plan that the client has discussed with the production house. If someone is looking for a shorter turnaround time, they can mention it directly to the video team. Most production houses have the ability to speed up the work to fit within the timeline of the client. Although, this needs to be specified during the beginning.

Once the final draft has been created on the project, the key stakeholders and the project point person start working on the revisions and final delivery.

Initial approval and revisions

This is the stage where the videos get reviewed. The client may ask to make certain changes after seeing the initial version of the video. These revisions may be multiple depending upon how satisfied/unsatisfied the client is. While working with a production house in Singapore, there are predefined numbers of revisions as well as hours set aside for the same.

Final Delivery

After the client approves of the video, it is then exported into its final format. If the client is insistent on using the video on a particular social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.), the video team starts promoting it in the best possible manner.

A production house in Singapore strives to produce exceptional narratives around the video for various regional markets as well as industries. It comes up with the most compelling content that keeps the audience engaged. As to what happens inside a production house in Singapore, take a look at the points below:

  • Research: This is where the producer tries to understand the client’s vision and comes up with a story, which will convey it perfectly.
  • Pre-production meeting: identifying the target audience, key messaging and setting of timelines.
  • Strategic Vision: Identification of the story, planning, storyboarding and shoot preparations.
  • News gathering: b-roll video and shoot gathering.
  • Content Creation: Logging, producing, scripting and editing.
  • Content Review: edits, revisions and approvals.