20 May 2018

What Goes Into A Commercial Videography Project?

Filmmaking, as an art, is mostly shrouded in mystery. If you wish to unravel most of that mystery, you can find it in our key steps that explain the entire Corporate Video Production Process.

Initial Inquiry

The Commercial videography in Singapore typically kicks off with an inquiry from a client, via phone or by email. The video production house will then have an initial conversation with the client in order to learn more about the project. This could be a long session since the company wants to know as much as it can about the project. The questions asked during this conversation may revolve around, the intended audience, the purpose of the video, the message the client is trying to convey, and how the client would like to communicate their message to its audience.

One of the most important ideas that any video production company in Singapore will want to find out, is the client’s budget. Based on this, the company will then decide how much money can be used to produce the brand video. If the client is generous with his budget, then the production house can take the leeway to be more creative with its videos. However, even if the client seems to be a little tight on their budget, it can still be possible to come up with something equally good for the client, it will just take longer to produce.

Concept Development

The concept of the video will be developed with much detail including a meeting between the client and the production house. During this meeting, the production house will need to find out the kind of audience the client is looking to target, which, in turn, will help both the parties brainstorm about the best way to reach them. This meeting is very crucial as it sets the tone for the entire process of video production for the client’s company. When it comes to the reach of the video, its connectivity with the target audience is crucial. Only if the target audience believes that the video is bringing something of value to them, regardless of whether its education or entertainment, will it create the desired impact. Almost any video production company in Singapore has the ability to guide the client towards an idea that will help the company represent itself in the best possible light.

Scheduling and Planning

This can only be done after considering the client sends out feedback in response to the initial draft of the video. It will also be based on the required duration to incorporate the changes requested by the client for the final version. Scheduling and planning are two activities that take a lot of time, but thanks to technology, these can be made simpler. Most production companies in Singapore use scheduling software, which helps ensure that the videos being produced are produced before the desired deadline, that was set upon at the beginning of the project.

Site Inspection

The production companies in Singapore always strive to come up with the best video possible, and to do this, they frequently perform a reconnaissance of the location that the video will be shot at. A few things that a production house will look for, are background noise, or glares coming from a window. Subsequently, the video production house in Singapore will need to find out the best way to camouflage wires and decide whether cable trays will need to be used. Another important thing that will be considered is the foot traffic that is expected to come through the office. The production house will take all these points into consideration to ensure that they pick a place that causes the minimum disruption while conducting the interviews, and capturing the best quality film.

Prepping for the Video

The entire crew connected with commercial videography in Singapore will work towards prepping themselves up thoroughly before the day of the shoot arrives. On the day of the video shoot, the entire camera crew will start setting up the location for filming before the arrival of the client. This helps in time optimization of the client’s schedule. This prep-up will include identifying potential sound issues that may occur, for example, a noisy telephone or air-conditioner. While setting up, it’s also important for the Video production house in Singapore to observe the safety of the property, abiding by all the health parameters and maintaining a respect towards the client’s workspace. As soon as the client arrives on the set, he/she will be handed a microphone and be given a quick sound check. This is done to make the client comfortable about making an appearance in the film.

Shooting the video

The shot begins with the sound of a clapperboard. It then moves on to framing up different angles to shoot the subject. The interviewer will start posing questions to the subject and the production house will later edit these questions. While the interview is in motion, the crew may need to halt the filming due to various reasons. For instance, when a plane is passing overhead or if it suddenly starts raining. If the director is satisfied with the shot, he may end it with a “That’s a wrap.” This footage is then handled by the junior editor of the production house who moves the footage from the card (camera card) to video drives. Most editors who work with production houses in Singapore also take a backup of the footage and save it in the cloud server so the footage remains safe. This allows the client to get back to the production house in the future in case any changes are required.

First and second Draft of the Video

During the initial draft of the video, the client should come up with as much feedback as possible. These suggestions will then be incorporated by the production house in the second draft of the video. During the second draft, only a few minor changes may be required to be made to the footage. Once the client gives it a go ahead, the video is produced in master quality.

Video Promotion

The video promotion process involves targeting particular key phrases, keywords or implementation of syndication or an outreach strategy. To do this, the video production company in Singapore, may have to find key influencers who can contribute towards spreading the word about the video.