1 April 2019

Guide to Choosing Production Company in Singapore

Many businesses in Singapore realise the value of video marketing in their campaigns. This is a great step towards sustainable brand building. However, as you peruse the proposals of several production companies in Singapore, you might get overwhelmed with the value propositions these companies offer. Here are our quick 4 steps to choosing the best production company to achieve your campaign objective:

Step 1: Searching for It

The first step is to search for production companies in Singapore. Ask from your network if there are any recommendations. Do give Google search a try too. You can check their website and check out their portfolio to assess if they style of production will suit your business. During your assessment, you should pay attention to the film techniques and creativity that were used to tell the story, such as camera movement, motions and time lapse. Make notes of the video elements used for shortlisting later.

Step 2: List down Production Companies that were Shortlisted

Ask the production companies you have listed in Step 1 for their demo reels. Most production companies have demo reels in their portfolio stable that highlights some of their best production series. These reels are a great way of showing the capabilities of production companies, enabling you to assess and check out if these techniques will be useful for your video purposes.

You might also want to do a bit more research by checking out customer testimonials. It never hurts to ring up one of their previous customers and check out their challenges, if any. Most production companies in Singapore upload their latest work to video platforms, such as Vimeo or Youtube for showcase purposes. You might be able to check out their latest work there too.

Step 3: Call and Discuss

Once you have shortlisted a list of production companies in Singapore, it is time to give them a call to discuss and get more details. Tell them the requirements of the video you’re trying to make and ask for a quotation. Be clear on your requirements, tell them your expectations, objectives, budget and timeline. If you have production brief, show them too. This will help companies to get a better understanding of your requirements. Most companies provide free quotations and a short preview of similar projects that they have done.

Final Step: Choose

When it comes to deciding which production companies in Singapore to go with, you have to remember that you must choose a production company that understands your video objectives and requirements. A good production company will provide a proposal that includes matters such as logistics, editing and other ad-hoc tasks that are essential to produce the style of videos you want.

In conclusion, a full fledged production house in Singapore is an extension of your in house marketing team. You have to choose a company that you’re comfortable working with as the partnership will be a long one. Remember to choose your production partner wisely to avoid costly mistakes and wasted time.