28 May 2019

Creating Engaging Video Content

Many businesses are still struggling in creating engaging content to help with their business. There are many ways to create content that is engaging, and will convert at the same time. Social media has become an integral part of most peoples lives and we can take advantage of that by being active in social media. If you have realised, video content has been rapidly growing in the social media space and people are enjoying it. It has become very important to the social media algorithms as well, this means that creating videos should be an important part of any content marketing strategy.

The Benefits of Creating Video Content

If you are generally active on the social media space, you will definitely have seen video content by major brands quite often. This major corporations will definitely have a bigger budget in creating an awesome video which can be overwhelming to those who are starting out in video content creation across social media. More than 70% of the digital marketers mentioned that video content gives them good ROI and here are some of the reasons why.

  • It helps with building your brand awareness
  • It establishes a way to connect with your customers
  • It will increase the conversion rate

Based on this reasons, the general written content is also a great marketing tool where you need are able to provide more information. The main purpose of video contents are to quickly connect with your customers.

Brand Awareness Video Contents

Most of the time, the content that you produce will likely be published in one location for example, your own website. Very likely that will be a written content where information is provided. And as a simple marketer, we will generally share that content across multiple different social media platforms. This means that, with this strategy what you really want is for them to clickthrough the link shared and arrive at the destination where the written content is.

Video content can be considered a more flexible and interchangeable across all platforms. A good example for this is a video in youtube can be embedded onto your website and can be watched on your website instead. This is also applicable for most social media platform and can be shared by many viewers at the same time.

Video Content Conversions

There is a reason why we are being bombarded by lots of video content on the internet today. It is because this method of marketing is the most effective way in communicating with your audience. When you are able to communicate effectively, you will also be able to convert successfully. Generally, us humans are mostly visual. Watching a video is similar to having a conversation and in that way feels more personal.

Compared to written content, videos will be more personal and your viewers will be able to have a feel of who you are. Your viewers will also be able to have better trust in you and your brand. With this, the likelihood of your viewers converting will be higher.

The 6 Different Types of Videos for Social Media

The social media space is very wide and dynamic at the same time so sometimes it can be challenging to figure out the type of videos that are effective for different types of business. Here are the 6 proven types of videos that are engaging and has a high conversion ratio.

  1. Live videos
  2. Tutorials
  3. Behind the Scenes
  4. Explaining Videos
  5. Q&A session Videos
  6. Event Videos

As you can see most of these video types are straight forward and can be done by almost any business from any level. You do not need a whole studio to start generating your video content. Starting with any smartphone will get you decent video quality where you can start connecting with your viewers and begin your video content producing journey.