12 December 2019

3 Tips To Make Your Video Investment Worthwhile | Production House Singapore

How to make the most out of your investment?

When it comes to video production, ask any companies and most will tell you it’s expensive. It is a lot of work. It takes a long time. There’s too much stake involved. Coming from a production house in Singapore perspective, investing in making a video is without a doubt expensive, but the returns from it are often justifiable and worthwhile when you take into account the increase in exposure and sales. In order to maximize the value of the investment, businesses must be smart when it comes to planning, positioning, and marketing of the video content.

Most newcomers to video often think the process stop after video creation is done, but there’s more to it as video marketing is another stage businesses need to understand. Here are three tips on how you can maximize the value of the video investment, ensuring that your video content is relevant, memorable and deliver a powerful message:

Process Not Just Product Or Service

Successful video marketers often incorporate the product & service thought into the marketing process. Before you even engage a production house in Singapore to produce your video, you must first understand your target audience and the role you want to play as part of your corporate branding strategy. When designing your products or services, the marketing contents and strategy must be crafted simultaneously as you go. Before you invest in video production, you must have already an objective, a rough plot, video marketing channels, and a performance indicator to measure the overall success or failure of your video content.

Easy To Understand Content

Many companies make the mistake that their audience will easily understand the technical jargons used in the video contents. This is most of the time, not the case. Companies often try to look sophisticated when planning the storyboard. They can be trying to focus on too many things at once or using jargon that only those in the field can understand them. This also often leads to complex video production that costs more and delivers less impact. In order to deliver an impactful video message to your audience, remember the three golden rules:

  • Have your videocast converse in a short and precise tone. Focus on the products or services straight instead of trying to beat the bush. Your audience will understand your message easier and easily grasp the content objective.
  • Try to use less jargon unless necessary.
  • Use a more personal approach that often leads to an emotional connection with the audience.

Where and When

When the video creation process is done, most companies think the hard part’s over. Unfortunately, in our experience, the hard part is only about to start. In order to achieve the video objective, the distribution channel and setting the right stage and time to play the video is equally important as video production stage.

There are a few ways to distribute your video. The most effective way is via Vimeo and YouTube. Both video-sharing platforms offer a solid choice for distributing video content and let your users stream these videos without much issue. Vimeo offers a better integration system with your website. YouTube, on the other hand, is more popular and thus has a wider video audience. You can easily share the video content on YouTube with multiple social channels, boosting your business brand presence.


Investing in video advertising is more than just video creation. Video marketing is equally, if not more important. Ultimately, for a business to drive an impactful video strategy to their brands, they must first understand their customers and the audience. Then only with this understanding, only brands and businesses can engage a professional production house in Singapore to produce an impactful video that drives high engagement and exposure for the brand and business.