Kelvin Lee

Kelvin Lee


Kelvin started out as a humble production assistant. Then things took a turn and he became an assistant producer. After 8 years of experience in the media industry, he decided to branch out on his own and is now the proud owner of frame by frame pictures.

Kel is “slightly” vain, mildly paranoid, but very, very patient. He has a knack for computers and gadgets, and is a self professed IT geek. Ask him about fishing and he’ll enthrall you with stories of his amazing fishing journeys. (He prefers doing that over alcohol and meat.)

At the moment, Kel is trying to justify to everyone why there should be an aquarium in the office.

Gabriel Lo

Gabriel Li

Project Manager

Gabriel, like most aspiring young adults wanted to excel in the corporate world but soon realised that a desk job was not to his liking. After a foray into prop production, Gab got hooked into the allure of sets, the glitz, the glamor and of course the hard work. He found his "desk" situated amongst the world of commercial media.

Always an optimist, Gab is very enthusiastic and always open to new experiences. He seldom says no to others. You could almost always find a grin on his face, especially when fishing is the topic of discussion.

To sight a Gabriel in his natural habitat, find him at the gym or out and about at the hottest spots in town summoning up some spirits... of the alcoholic kind.

Priscilla Chan

Priscilla Chan

Senior Producer

Priscilla's love for producing started when she was 18. It was all she wanted to do.. besides a brief fantasy of wanting to be an air stewardess. Having tasted the thrill of Producing, nothing else will sate her appetite for Control now.

Yet despite producing being her all, she recently found time to create a little human being and it has opened her eyes to a whole new world. She currently juggles the roles of producer by day, and mother, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Bedtime Singer and Head & Shoulder, Knees and Toes Action Dancer by night.

Feel free to ask her to perform for you if you have trouble sleeping at night too. Standard producer rates apply.

Chunyi Kwek


Chunyi grew up wanting to be a wildlife photographer but after realizing that she might not fare so well at the mercy of mosquitoes in the wilderness, she decided that being a commercial producer was more up her alley.

Chuns goes with the flow and believes in service with a smile. She has a curious tendency to sits cross-legged almost all the time because her feet pretty much never touch the ground. Don’t be fooled by her pint-sized stature though, she possesses brute strength. Rumor has it that she doesn’t sleep. Don’t be surprised to receive an email from her sent out at 3am.

Tips for seducing Chunyi: Offer up a sacrificial cat [for cuddles of course] or rub bacon all over yourself.